Colombia Espresso Capsules - Nespresso Compatible Capsules

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Let these Colombian espresso capsules sweep you away to the beautiful and faraway districts of Colombia, without ever having to leave your kitchen.

In our limited edition espresso blend, we’ve distilled the essence of the Colombian experience in a Nespresso-compatible capsule. Inspired by Colombia’s bold coffee culture, the full-bodied blend is spiced with fruit touches, with well-balanced acidity and a bright, floral finish.

Cafe Joe’s artisanal coffee and espresso are expertly sourced by an Italian coffee broker before we small-batch roast it to perfection in our factory in Israel. As Israel’s most popular coffee, it’s bold and well-balanced; the perfect way to begin your morning.

Each sleeve contains 10 Nespresso-compatible capsules

Cafe Joe coffee capsules are 100% recyclable, so please recycle used capsules like you would any other plastics.

Strength: 8/10